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arrow Remote surveillance system
arrow Aerostat, aircraft or mast mounting
arrow Gyro stabilised EO and TI cameras
arrow Various control and display options
arrow Single coax cable secure link
arrow Ethernet or radio remote control options
arrow Built-in GPS receiver
arrow Altitude, ground speed & position
arrow Compass heading & wind speed
arrow Non-contact joystick position controls
arrow EO camera 26:1 Zoom control
arrow EO camera 1.7° minimum Optical FOV
arrow TI camera 10° minimum Optical FOV
arrow Full auto mode EO camera
arrow Anemometer
arrow Three high intensity visible LEDs for aircraft warning
arrow Visible green laser pointer
arrow Lemo connector for aerostat pressure monitor
arrow Three high intensity infra-red LEDs for aircraft warning
arrow Lemo connector for additional facilities
arrow Infra-red laser pointer


The system comprises a gyro stabilised camera platform and a system control/monitor unit (SCU). The two units are connected via a single coaxial cable or radio link to provide a remote surveillance capability. Other support units are necessary depending on the platform and comms system used. Various EO (daylight) and TI (Thermal Imaging) sensors are available.

Aerostat (balloon) surveillance is the primary application for the 1300 Skyhawk system, although it is capable of being mounted on many different platforms. An external remote control port is available on the SCU which will allow (via an adaptor) ethernet image viewing and system control. GUI PC software is available for this purpose.

Optional radio interfacing is available where cable access is inconvenient or impossible – e.g. aircraft.

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