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Broadcast HD
arrow Up to 1500m Triax, 500m Coax
arrow TA powered from Basestation
arrow Upgrade path from 1500 Triax SD
arrow SDI output as standard
arrow 1U high x 19inch Basestation
arrow Economical HD solution
arrow Intercom built in.

The new 1700 Triax HD camera control system is under development. The system will be based on the successful SD version – 1500 Triax SD. Indeed there will be an economical upgrade path for existing 1500 systems. Much of the 1500 ‘infrastructure’ will be retained and upgrade to 1700 Triax HD will be by plug-in pc card exchange.

An existing user of 1500 Triax SD will simply be able to upgrade by pulling out PC cards and replacing them with the HD variant. It will not even be necessary to remove equipment from racking.

What’s more, 1700 Triax HD will transport the signals and power over the same distances as 1500 Triax SD (1500m), and over coax (we call it Biax) up to 500m!

The 1700 Triax HD will provide broadcasters with an elegant, economical solution to their remote camera/camcorder requirements!

Watch this space for further details!

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