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Detector Logarithmic Video Amplifier
50dB minimum RF dynamic range
Up to 20 GHz
DC coupled or AC coupled
Sample restored option
Built-in patented calibration processor
Low power, 0.6W typical
Small size
Wide operation temperature range

Detector Logarithmic Video Amplifiers (DLVAs) are broadband microwave receivers used in the electronic warfare systems of many military platforms. Multiple DLVAs formed with an omni-directional antenna array give an instantaneous bearing indication of radar emitters (threat radars). DSP Ltd supply patented DLVAs of outstanding power/speed performance and in various configurations to meet customers’ specific requirements.

DSP Ltd are currently supplying DLVAs to the Eurofighter program.

The kernel of the 1000 series DLVA is a proprietary DSP designed ASIC Logarithmic Video Amplifier (LVA) providing >100dBV of dynamic range at very high speed with low power. A complete 1000 series DLVA dissipation can be as low as 0.6W. The system is a patented design using an built-in calibration processor to ensure highly accurate performance over a wide operating temperature range, typically ±0.4 dB accuracy over -55°C to +95°C together with a full scale risetime of < 20nS. The ASIC also allows a DLVA to be housed in a small enclosure of ≈ 1.2 cu in. (≈ 20 cu cm).

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