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Dynamic Signal Processing Limited (DSP) was founded in England in 1991. Since inception, major military contracts have been secured by the Company, including specialist radar video- processing equipment for the Tornado and Eurofighter military platforms.

DSP Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of equipment spanning multiple disciplines and operating in severe environments: data logging, wide bandwidth analogue and digital video signal processing, RF and microwave engineering and the seamless integration of these technologies covering DC to 40 GHz.

The majority of military products are bespoke designs, based on DSP Ltd proprietary technology and tailored to individual customer requirements. DSP Ltd undertake all design and production in-house, including circuit topology, pcb layout and mechanical design. Small batch production assembly of pcbs is done in-house, with larger quantities being subcontracted along with metalwork manufacture. All products are finally assembled, wired and tested in-house, often using specialised test equipment designed by the Company.

Digital Television Systems Limited (dTs) was founded in England in 1999 to manufacture and market the broadcast television and audio technology designed by it's sister Company, DSP Ltd.

The principal television product currently in production is the Triax/Coax Camera Control System. Designed and manufactured within the Company, the system is capable of operating in a broadcast environment with an array of different camera models from a range of different manufacturers. Many hundreds of systems have been produced to date and sold throughout the world.

Another major product is the Skyhawk surveillance system. Primarily aerostat mounted the system is capable of operating on many different platforms. dTs plans to bring a continuously evolving and growing number of video and television products into the broadcast and surveillance arenas.
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