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Live Broadcast Fibre System.
arrow Expandable for 4K transmission.
arrow HD-SDI & VBS channels in both directions.
arrow 2km Transmission with 100W power at FA.
arrow RJ45 Ethernet & RS-422 for Camera control.
arrow RS-232 for Pan & Tilt or Lens Control.
arrow Automatic Video Format Detection.
arrow Swivel Joint Fibre Connector.

The DTS1800 is an optical fibre broadcast video, audio, control, tally, monitor, intercom and power transport system offering native, uncompressed transmission of up to 4K video. The system consists of a battery sized Fibre Camera Adaptor (FCA) and a Fibre Base Station (FBS.)

The two units are connected by a hybrid fibre/copper cable giving high data rate capability and up to 100 Watts FCA/camera power from the FBS over a distance of 2km.

Its small size, light weight and internally powered FCA/cam are ideal for transforming cameras/camcorders into full facility live broadcast channels for tv studios or outside broadcast.

The system automatically switches to the incoming video format and saves it. On re-power the format is recalled. With no video i/p, diagnostic test patterns provide the status of the camera channel.

DTS1820 Fiber Camera Adaptor

DTS1800 4K Specification.

Transporter 3G-FL

The Transporter 3G-FL shares many of the same features and offers similar functionality in a battery sized Fibre Camera Adaptor (FCA) and yet, offers up to 3G video transmission. The units small size, light weight and internally powered FCA/cam are ideal for transforming small modern portable camcorders into live broadcast channels with full remote control, intercom/talkback and tally facilities.

3G-FL Fiber Camera Adaptor

A comprehensive intercom/call system allows both production (Pd) and engineering (Eng) channels to communicate with each other and the FCA. A Return Prog audio channel allows monioring. Menu controls define which channel is fed to which headset earpiece. Two headsets can be connected to the FCA, one for the camera operator and the second for perhaps a floor manager.

The FBS has one Eng headset connector and a rear multiway D-type connector which allows 4 wire access to external intercom systems for both Pd, Eng and their call signals. Program audio may be monitored in the intercom earpieces and volume adjusted. An in-line intercom cord control pod is an option which allows the camera operator more convenient access to controls.

Both red and green tally signalling is included with indicators on the FBS and FCA. The FCA has a large translucent lens on top which can be seen through 360 degrees. Intensity is adjustable through the menu on the FCA. Tally guarding is used to inhibit some menu adjustments and test modes when the channel is live to air.

OLED displays on both the FCA and FBS show the channel tally number, Optical TX/RX strength, power, temperature status and if the intercom control pod is connected.

DTS1810-U 1U Fibre Base Station

The 3G-FL is fitted by simply replacing the camcorder battery and then connecting the I/O cables to the camcorder. Alternative FCA enclosures can fit into a belt pack.

The Transporter 3G-FL can be used to replace the battery pack of many different camcorders including models from Canon, JVC, Sony, Alexa mini and Panasonic. Additionally, it can be adapted for use with Pan/Tilt or Robotic camera heads.

3G-FL Fiber Camera Adptor fitted to Sony EX-3

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