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Due to the very specific requirements of DLVAs fitting into customers’ systems, we offer a custom design service where we tailor our proprietary knowledge to give the customer the optimum solution. DSP can supply printed circuit versions which fit into the customers’ enclosure; we can offer complete connectorised, sealed modules or anything in between.


Dual channel versions have been supplied which offer excellent parameter matching with some shared functions (e.g. precision supply regulators) producing a very cost effective solution. For the best in-system performance, matched sets of DLVAs can be supplied with tight parameter matching of rf and video transfer curves and response times.


DSP have supplied DLVAs to many military projects and many different environments from NS to AUF. DSP have specialized test equipment (dsp design), environmental chambers and a vibration rig capable of processing orders in-house to an agreed specification under the control of a project specific quality plan.



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