We are partnered with 3D Evolution Ltd for the aerostat system which consists of a tethered aerostat with camera platform, a ground based trailer with electric winch and handler and a system control unit (SCU).

The camera platform is a sphere housing the camera which is docked with an Aerostat Interface Unit (AIU). The AIU is suspended from the aerostat which is tethered to the trailer based winch. The SCU is connected to the winch via a coaxial cable of up to 500m. The SCU is a briefcase with LCD display in the lid with controls, signal processing and power in the base. Powered by mains or 12VDC this is a self contained system controller.

Power, camera image and comms between SCU < > platform are fed via a single miniature coaxial cable woven as part of the aerostat tether. Signals are therefore covert and secure. As camera power is fed via the tether coax from the ground based SCU the aerostat can remain deployed for very long periods without the need for lowering to change batteries. The aerostat is small enough to allow rapid deployment on a trailer capable of easily being towed by a 4 wheel drive vehicle.lso being fed via a miniature coaxial cable. cable.


A new development of Skyhawk is for aircraft use. With our air team partners we are developing an economical system for airborne monitoring and surveillance. The system consists of a stabilised camera unit fitted to the underside of the aircraft with an in-cockpit display and control unit. The camera can be controlled from the cockpit. A microwave link relays the imaging to the ground and an optional radio uplink provides remote camera and system control. Autonomous system control from the ground is thus possible. The system can easily be powered from the aircraft’s resources.


The Skyhawk system can also be deployed using a pneumatic mast. Whatever the mast’s vertical extension, as with the aerostat, power, camera image and comms between platform and SCU is also fed via a coaxial cable. This cable can be fitted inside the mast for ease of use and protection. Mast movement is counteracted by the gyro stabilization to give a steady image. The system can be powered easily from the vehicle’s battery.

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