TA1520 Triax Adaptor
Docks with camera/camcorder and connects to the BS1510 via a single coax or triax cable. Provides: power, video, audio and control data interfaces to the camera/camcorder: second program microphone input and controls, 2 x intercom headset interfaces controls, VF and QTV video outputs, IFB interface, red and green tally indication, 12V @ 50W output. Provides a transparent bi-directional RS232 link to BS1510 at up to 19,200 bps for pan/tilt use for example.

BS1510 Base Station
The BS1510 BaseStation is a 1U high rack mount unit which is capable of stacking to minimize OB truck space. Connects to the camera manufacturer’s RCP/OCP or the dTs 2040 OCU for remote camera control. Provides video, audio, intercom, tally and data interfaces to studio equipment. The removable front panel holds the air intake filter for easy maintenance whilst the exhaust is exited at the right hand side of the unit leaving the top and bottom clear for stacking and the rear panel clear for connector access. For unit rear support, brackets are available to fix the BS1510 to the racking. Provides a transparent bi-directional RS232 link to TA1520 at up to 19,200 bps for pan/tilt use for example.


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