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The joystick Iris, pedestal and preview control all use non-contact technology for reliable, noise-free operation. The preview output contacts are solid state and volt-free. Joystick tension adjustment is available under the unit.

A video output provides OSD (On Screen Display) information on camera/OCU settings, access to SD Card storage and engineering / emulation menus. The DTS 2050 can also be fitted with the optional DTS 2060 3.5 inch (89mm) TFT-LCD module as displayed in the photograph. This is tiltable 0<>45° for user convenience.

Five internal scene files storage and retrieval are supplemented with an SD card media access. The removable SD card allows many more scene files to be stored and gives the ability to transport settings between camera channels and have off site back-ups.

The SD file access utilizes the OSD menu, either on the optional TFT-LCD display or via a BNC connector to an external monitor. As soon as a card is inserted, the SD menu is available to show scene file availability and allow storage of the existing OCU settings.

To give flexibility, several electrical interfaces are available including RS232 and RS422 as well as manufacturer specific. These are automatically switched with emulation selection but can be changed by menu if required.

The low profile height of the OCU assists both on-desk and in-desk mounting. At only 40mm (≈1.5 inches) (excluding controls) it is barely the thickness of the desk top itself giving maximum under-desk clearance when in-desk and minimal desk-top inconvenience when on-desk. Optional brackets are available for in-desk mounting while scratch resistant feet protect the desktop surface if on-desk.

All external connectors are available on the rear panel, all cables exiting from the rear. For in-desk mounting, this panel can be tilted downwards, if necessary, to ease the under desk cabling access. A 15 way D type and 3 BNCs give access to all signals.

An optional custom overlay service is offered for customers who wish to have different language, colors, font or logos on their panels. The metal colors of silver and black paint / anodising can be changed only by special arrangement. Please contact our Sales or Customer Support for further information on any customisation and quotation.


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