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8K Muticam Live.

The DTS1800 is an optical fibre broadcast video, audio, control, tally, monitor, intercom and power transport system offering native, uncompressed transmission of up to 8K video video over a 2Km hybrid fibre cable and Supply 100W of power to the camera.

These features and more provide all the functionality required for Multi Camera Live Productions with many different camera models from manufacturers such as ARRI, Panasonic, Sony, Canon and JVC. Entry Level HD-SDI Systems are upgradeable right up to 8K.

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ARRI Amira with DTS1820.
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DTS1820 Fibre Camera Adaptor.
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DTS1810U Fibre Base Station.
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ARRI Amira live with DTS1820.
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ARRI Amira with DTS1820 & lens control
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ARRI Amira with DTS1820 prepared for live event.
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Panasonic VLT live with DTS1820.

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